Monday, 4 March 2013

Heavenly Butterness… Korres Lip Butter Review

...Labia Lege...

I have always tried to be more “nicer” to my skin and have avoided the usage of harsh chemicals from my beauty regimes (emphasise added to tried, where I can at least, it can be hard in this modern world) to avoid the exposure to ingredients which I cannot even spell myself or know of the faintest idea of its origin.

Korres is a Greek skin and beauty company that have been around for 15 years and have mastered in my opinion the philosophy of using natural ingredients which form the basis of their products. They still contain some factory ingredients that are used in cosmetics, but they are based on natural extracts. Originally having extensive homoeopathic pharmacy experience they expanded into a skin and beauty line (from fragrance, hair care, cosmetics, organic oils…the list goes on, they know their natural stuff)!

The quirky and contemporary cardboard outer packaging is art work itself (killed me to throw the packaging away, for a moment I thought I was throwing away a piece of Monet). I have the Wild Rose and Jasmine Lip Butters (they are also available in Quince, Guava, Pomegranate and Mango). They come in cute little 6ml pots which smell absolutely DIVINE once opened…I can safely say that the smell is one of the reasons that I frequently reach for these lip butters (reminds me of summers past), especially the Wild Rose which you can strongly smell once applied, my favourite!

They have a strong sheer pigmentation once applied, (we all love a bit of colour, win win) as well as acting as hydrating base for your lips. However in terms of colour the Jasmine is more of a clear/ diluted pink, and makes your lips shiny rather than give any added colour (although this may be just on my lips). What I also love about these Lip Butters is that it has a thick and sticky texture (no, not sticky toffee pudding) and it actually lasts on my lips unlike many other lip butters/balms on the high street, this gives it a luxurious feel and you know it is a quality product if it is still standing strong after a couple of hours of wear.

These Lip Butters are perfect to wear in the spring now; they are not too light or heavy in terms of coverage. They are very travel friendly in these cute little pots which are ideal for keeping one in your handbag when on the go. I apply a thin layer of this onto my lips before bed, in the morning I am left with luscious chap-free lips that are well moisturised for any application of lipgloss/lipstick for the following morning.

I picked up both of these Lip Butters from Waitrose for £7.00 each.

It is time to embrace your inner Greek goddess!  


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