Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Chanel Coco Noir…Perfume Review

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” - Gabrielle Coco Chanel 
We all have that favourite go-to-go special occasion perfume that becomes part of our classic cult collection (well at least for me). Coco Noir has become my best loved modern classic perfume. This luxury perfume is part of a current three in the Coco Chanel perfumery range (the other two being Coco and then Mademoiselle), each claiming to be an incarceration a different era and showing a different side of the great Gabrielle Coco Chanel herself. For me this perfume takes me away to that special time/place/moment, I see it as an extension of my personality and my "signature scent".

For me this perfume by far is the best and most endearing yet (has there even been a more sophisticated black bottle?!). I feel her elegance and timeless quality is evoked as soon as I wear Noir, it definitely has a grown up no-nonsense ladylike feel to it (unlike Mademoiselle, which I feel is more flirty and playful).


You can smell the oriental evocative tones, of sandalwood and depths of rose and jasmine along with other divine timeless smells (see full list of ingredients on the Chanel website here). Coco Noir has a vintage scent to it that is not too overbearing or too subtle, Chanel have (again) mastered the art to leave a lingering scent creating an evocative mystery soon after the wearer leaves...it definitely creates an impression like any quality perfume should.

I would usually wear this during evening/night, as I feel it has that indescribable sensual musky depth to it which develops after a first hour or so of wear time. You only need one/two spritzes and it will last on my skin for at least 6 hours. For me it is an ultimate signature smell, feminine yet very grown up, it hits the right  balance without being too strong or too weak (plus it sits so beautifully on my white dressing table too)!  
A 100ml bottle of Chanel Coco Noir can be purchased from Boots for £106

Do you have that signature perfume which takes you to that place or reminds you of a particular moment in time?


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