Friday, 1 March 2013

A Big Hello...

...Ab Aeterno...

HI! This is a start of a new adventure for me and my blog called, own acronym for "Awaiting Riches and Affluence" a dream that we all have! The aim of this blog is to share my random ramblings (most of the time, in fact a lot of the time). I will document my passion for fashion and beauty alike, as well as my thoughts on this mysterious journey called life. Basically this will be my little space to share my humble thoughts and opinions.

I don't know what this journey will bring (I feel a bit like Alice jumping into the rabbit hole), but I know I have been wanting to do it for sometime. Some friends recommended that I take the plunge and start documenting all things related to my love of fashion and the highs and lows of starting up a career in the city, I never really put myself out there, but 2013 is a time for change, so then... *daaadaa*...ArA was finally born. 

I hope this little introduction gives a small insight of what I have in mind, who knows what will happen...I have learnt life is simply about the journey, the destination is unknown - part of the thrill and lessons that we learn is what really matters. I hope to inspire others along the way...stay tuned! 


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