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Battle of the Hair Oils…Kérastase Elixir Ultime vs Moroccanoil

...Quomodo cogis comas tuas sic videri?...

These two giants of the hair oil industry have dominated the salons for some time; the most hyped (and rivalled) hair oil currently dominating the scene has to be no other than Moroccanoil and Kérastase Elixir Ultime. With hair oils vastly claiming to do more by deeply nourishing and revitalising hair, rather than just a quick fix of coating your hair with product residue (gone are the hair serum days), it is an area now where salon results can be easily achieved at home. With their bold claims and alleged results, can hair oil really transform a bird’s nest to a glorious mane of shiny brilliance?

I have used both of these oils for some time on my hair, switching between both and mainly using it after I have washed my hair and then letting it dry naturally (or blow drying for those special occasions and quick last minute dashes).  Although both can be used on dry hair,  I find this usually starts to make my hair roots look greasy which gradually spreads through the lengths of my long hair making it look limp and flat, a look that I would rather leave to the supermodels on the catwalk (whereas I end up looking like something from a horror film). I decided to compare the two and leave my verdict…

Kérastase Elixir Ultime

I have used this product on my hair on and off for a few years, and was using this way before Moroccanoil. Firstly, the look and feel of Kérastase oils are one of extravagance and elegance, I love the gold metallic outer packaging of Elixir Ultime. The Kérastase Elixir Ultime oil range has recently extended its range, offering three other targeted hair oils (which can be used for specific hair types, although they all serve the same multi-purpose usage).

I have also picked up Elixir Ultime with Immortal Moringa which comes in a beautiful metallic green/silvery box, aimed for damaged hair containing the usual Oleo-Complexe (an ingredient in all of Kérastase Elixir range hair oils) and Immortal Moringa extract (commonly known as the ‘Tree of Life’, sounds like a life line to my mane).

These products claimed multi-usage is one of the selling factors that originally drew me into purchasing Kérastase Elixir Ultime. As it has a runny and thin feel to it (therefore not weighing your hair down either *hooray*), it can be adapted and used for more than just a leave in hair oil. I sometimes apply it before shampooing as a pre-cleanser or nourishment mask, touching up hair, using it as an active conditioner before blow drying, or just part of your daily routine to keep those fly always tamed. I find it particularly useful for applying to a finished up-do/beehive style hair-do; it will not only nourish your hair but will leave a glamorous Hollywood sleek look as a finishing touch to your hairstyle (plus it smells sooo heavenly).

Kérastase contains primary ‘four precious oils’ which consist of Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi to form the basis of its magical Elixir, all designed to keep your hair at its best form long term wise. Another BIG pulling factor for me has to be the fact it does not contain any silicones which is a bonus for someone who tries to avoid silicone based products. These entire oils together act to protect and deeply nourish the hair to leave it feeling light and shiny, all this with only a few drops, I normally only use one pump on my towel dried long hair, applying it mid length and concentrating on my ends (a little again goes a very long way, my current bottle has lasted me for a just over a year)!

As I try to keep heat styling to a minimum I usually let my hair dry naturally after towel drying it. Once I have applied the oil to my hair and left it to dry I am left with hair that feels weightless, glossy, frizz-free and smells of exotic mystic lands far gone (let’s just say I am left with a mane that feels worthy of a L’Oreal hair *swoosh* here and there).

A 125ml bottle of Kérastase Elixir Ultime (or any of the other three Elixir Ultime oils) can be grabbed from for £27.55 with free delivery.


I have used Moroccanoil a lot less than Kérastase Elixir Ultime but have always wanted to test its bold claims. Moroccanoil is based on Aragon oil (from the Moroccan Aragon tree) which is known for its nutritious capabilities.  It contains various other ingredients such as fatty acids and rich in omega 3 oils, although I was slightly disappointed to find that it contained silicones.

I tend to use it on special occasions if I am blow drying my hair, as I feel it’s more thicker and somewhat gloopier (if that is even a word…); it tends to be more suited to hairstyles that scream volume and height (for me at least). Unlike Kérastase Elixir Ultime, it is packaged in a glass bottle, so when travelling keep that in mind (or if you are one of the clumsier inclined that walk amongst us *ahem*).

Again I apply this to damp hair through midway to the ends; it has a more prominent and stronger smell than Kérastase Elixir Ultime, although this goes away mostly once my hair is dried. I feel that one pump is more than a generous amount to be applied on my hair as it is a lot thicker than Kérastase Elixir Ultime.

One of the advantages of Moroccanoil that it speeds up the time it takes to dry my hair, one of the claims Moroccanoil advocates (which is actually does for my hair)…for someone with long hair this can be a life saver. Overall, personally for me I was not entirely blown away by Moroccanoil. Although I can see why people tend to use it for the above reasons, it still left my hair shiny and full of volume…but I would recommend the Moroccanoil Light version for finer/thinner hair as it may weigh such delicate hair down.

A 125ml bottle of Moroccanoil retails at £30.45 with free delivery from 


The versatility of Kérastase Elixir Ultime oils and ingredients and light texture make it very attractive for someone who is quite afraid of any oil product application, yet still desires to reap the benefits; I feel it is better value for money. For this reason it wins the brand rivalry for me.  It is also retails slightly cheaper than Moroccanoil, and seems to last longer than Moroccanoil. Moroccanoil has a thicker and stickier consistency which at times after a few hours of wear left me feeling that I needed to wash my hair again.

Have you jumped on the bandwagon of hair beauty oils?


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