Friday, 8 March 2013

Beauty Staple: Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Review

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With its various celebrity endorsements Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula has been a much loved affordable and trusty body moisturiser. So I decided to give a quick review about my love for Cocoa Butter, another timeless classic of mine.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula has been around for a good few years, incorporating cocoa butter (obviously) enriched with Vitamin E (helps to soften skin and keep it oh so heavenly smooth). These agents together have super-power moisturising effects thanks to the natural hydrating elements and vegetable fat origin of cocoa butter (no surprise then that it smells of chocolate, cocoa is one of the key ingredients of chocolate making)! Palmers claim to use the highest quality cocoa bean (sorry to those that did not make the mark) which they press down into the cocoa butter, used subsequently in its formula. Furthermore Palmers formula no longer contain any Parabens, which is another added bonus!

It is usually used by users with very dry/rough skin, although I feel that Palmers Cocoa Butter can be used by users of all skin types, as its moisturising properties can be best taken advantage of especially after a shower/bath when it’s vital to moisturise. Palmers Cocoa Butter can be used all over the body and smells mildly of chocolate (which I have to admit does take a bit of getting used to), although this does not really bother me (a scent free version is available if the smell does bother you).

You may be thinking it will be too rich and greasy to be absorbed into the skin, but the convenience of the pump version of this lotion allows easy application (so you are not wasting it away, or getting carried away by the chocolaty smell), only a few pumps are needed and it absorbs super quickly into the skin once rubbed in (thanks to the buttterrryyy properties of cocoa).  I am left with silky baby soft skin which leaves a youthful appearance. It has a thick consistency, although this can be easily spread if a right amount is used (thanks to the pump)!

I usually stock up on the 400ml bottle with Boots constant 3 for 2 offer (see below), although one 400ml bottle will last me for approximately 3 months! They do have smaller sizes, I would recommend the 250ml for travelling. 

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula is available in most good stores; pick up yours at Boots for a 400ml bottle for a very affordable £5.30


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