Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Grazing into a Healthier 2013…Graze Box Review

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Trying to lead a health conscious life can be a chore for most of us, but it is the simple changes that can have the biggest impact in terms of improving your health and wellbeing. I like to think of myself as trying to lead a health conscious life (again with the trying) but my down fall has to be when faced outside my “safe zone” of the eat clean perimeters of home, especially when dining outside with friends and family or at work. The task of knowing what you are eating and how much of your guided daily recommended allowance you are consuming can be a bit of a mine field especially when on the constant go.

The team at Graze have come up with a nifty solution to this; they have devised a clever little Graze Box which can be posted to your home or work address providing four punnets (pockets) of healthy snacks in a postable box (which can be easily posted through the letterbox without any hassle or awkward early morning looks from the postman towards my neon bright PJ’s). There is a wide range of snacks available (from savoury crackers, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, flapjacks, marinated olives) which you can rate and decide whether you want to be included in your box or not. There are various types of box plans you can opt for (whether a low calorie style box to an all-inclusive style box), which gives you total control and flexibility over what you consume and when you want it to be delivered (fortnightly, weekly, twice weekly).

Depending on your what type of Graze Box you choose there are various different snacks you can opt for, there is a ‘BIN’, ‘TRY’ and ‘LOVE’ button on your online account which enables you to be the regulator over what you want to be included in your personalised box…I like this genuine care that the team of Graze Box have given to its subscribers, it enables you to choose what you want according to your taste rather than a generic box shipped to all (variety to the taste buds is key) and it shows how the team at Graze are actually listening to what subscribers have to say/want.

Once I opened my Graze Box I also found a leaflet containing all the nutritional information of the four snacks I received alongside a sweet introductory booklet about the ethos behind the Graze Box. Overall I found the concept of a Graze Box quite useful for the modern person who is always on the go; the selling factor for me is the convenience of not having to worry about portion sizes and whether I am eating healthy…besides it makes a better (and dare I say it tastier) swap compared to junk which will not leave you feeling satisfied in the long run.

Graze Box costs just £3.89 for one box (which includes delivery). Grab you first and fifth Graze box for free by entering this code: CJFG16Z

What are your healthier snack swaps?


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