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Vichy Normaderm Review

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Vichy skincare range has been around for a while and often has been hailed as one of the more leading high-end drugstore products with its claimed mineral-rich therma spa water ingredient. Vichy have a range of specially developed skin care products designed for those of us with the more complicated skin types. The Normaderm range itself is targeted mainly for oily combination skin, with a little targeted action for acne prone skin too; helping to target blemishes and keep those breakouts at bay. The Vichy Normaderm range recognises the link between oily combination skin and breakouts (excess oil produced by our skin blocking our pores leading to breakouts…you know the drill, most of us have been there).

I have used Vichy Normaderm products in the past, but never truly committed fully to the cause. So I have been wanting to review the Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care (Day Moisturiser) and Chrono-Active Pore Refining Care (Night Moisturiser) for some time now, but wanted to incorporate these two products properly in my routine before I could review them (hence the slightly erm “weathered” packaging in the photos – sorry about that).

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care (Day Moisturiser)

This daytime moisturiser claims to common problem areas targeting: imperfections, pores, oily/shiny skin and uneven skin tone. This daytime moisturiser is not my favourite, once it is applied to can rub off in little bits and looks as though your skin is peeling off (when in fact it is the day moisturiser that is dried onto the skin)! It has a matte finish and although it may make your skin look less oily for me it was not really a hit, as I did not really feel or see the real results. The formula  flaking off my skin was something that I was disappointed with and it did not last long at all. This product does contain Alcohol therefore I would not recommend using this product if you have sensitive/dry skin during a hot summers day or on your tropical holiday; as it could leave your skin dehydrated rather than hydrated. 

Overall this product did not blow me away; it did not deliver on its bold claims. I could not wear this day moisturiser all day on my skin, as the product was often peeling away from my skin and rather looked more like an acid peel than a moisturiser! It did not have a great wear time at all for a moisturiser, and did not leave my skin hydrated all day.

A 50ml bottle of Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care Day Moisturiser is £12 from Boots.

Vichy Normaderm Chrono-Active Pore Refining Care (Night Moisturiser)

This night time moisturiser is my favourite of the two moisturisers, it claims to limit the amount of pores that produce excess oil overnight so that the skin has a more even tone and that pores are less visible overtime. It easily melts onto the skin and once applied instantly - what I can only describe somewhat as dissolving into the skin – it was not greasy at all even though the consistency when it comes out of the tube is runny. You may feel a tingling sensation when you apply it onto your skin, this is probably the Zincadone A ingredient that targets bacteria and skin regeneration, although I would not recommend applying this night-time moisturiser onto broken/sensitive skin; as this may deeply irritate the skin and cause discomfort! On my skin this moisturiser was perfect, I definitely noticed my pores were less distinguished and my overall skin tone did improve. I particularly liked the fact that my skin was noticeably soft after I applied the moisturiser without that heavy greasy feeling that most night moisturisers tend to go over load on the greasy results.

A 50ml bottle of Vichy Normaderm Chrono-Active Pore Refining Night Cream is £12.77 from Boots.


Overall I am not completely convinced, I will not be re-purchasing the day moisturiser again!


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