Saturday, 4 May 2013

Supermodels featured in F&F Summer Campaign


Glancing at the TV one summer evening sometime last week I was amazed to see the new F&F summer fashion campaign featuring the international male super model no other than Jon Kortajarena and Victoria Secret’s Model Amy Hixon. Never would I think to associate two internationally renowned supermodels with the supermarket chain store Tesco.  What impressed me the most about the advertisement was that only after the closing few seconds of the advert I realised it was an F&F campaign (Tesco’s own supermarket brand)! I was half expecting it to be a more luxury designer brand; the whole look and feel of the advert has that high fashion and supermodel feel to it, with beautiful models posing effortlessly in their t-shirts/kaftans making it look very effortless and unflappable to be parading around in the sun. 

This to me showed the power of successful marketing, with addictive music (featuring the uber cool British duo AlunaGeorge with their electro beat "You Know You Like It" track) and soft lighting the whole collection looked something far more worthy of being on a catwalk let alone on a plastic hanger at your local Tesco’s. You have to give it to the marketing team at Tesco Headquarters; they delivered on their marketing goal, having great recognisable faces (from the handsome Jon Kortajarena *swoon*) to talented new music artists (AlunaGeorge will definitely be feeling the success of this advert to their sales I am sure) everyone is talking about this advert.

Take a look at the advert and see for yourself some of the sensual yet moody posing…

The full collection is available at most Tesco stores and online.


Hope you all enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend! 


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