Sunday, 12 May 2013

Evening-wear Perfume: Versace Crystal Noir Review

"In Italian there is an expression: We don't sleep on the fame." - Donatella Versace 
Another modern classic of mine, originally this little gem was launched in 2004 but I have used it on and off throughout the years; most notably using it in those beautiful summer evenings when you want to leave an air of mystery, fitting with its deep purple design colour. What I love about this musky ambery scent is that it lingers throughout (something that I look for) yet develops its depth whilst you are wearing it.

The bottle design is not one of Versace’s better looking pieces; with the somewhat awkward looking giant gem bottle top looking like a U.F.O. sitting on top of the bottle; bigger in proportion to the actual glass bottle itself, making it look rather amateurish (a word not usually associated with the likes of Versace)! But looking beyond the mere design concept the scent is mature and strong, you only need tiny spritz. If you like oriental with gardenia base notes then this fragrance is for you; I always get compliments when wearing it. It is not overpowering but still distinguishable, Crystal Noir does leave the wearer reaching for it again and again after each wear – not only because of its 8 hours staying power (well on me at least) but because of that elegant presence it evokes…simply put I love it!

A 50ml bottle of Versace Crystal Noir can be picked up from Boots for £47.


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