Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Spring Perfume: Versace Versense Eau De Toilette Spray Review

"I like perfume and flowers." - Donatella Versace

Spring weather has finally arrived (well, somewhat)! With April here we have been having a lot of better weather and with it I have brought out some of my favourite Spring perfumes. The key for a good Spring perfume for me is it has to be light and not too overpowering; faint and wearable without being too musky, yet still encompass some floral undertones.

A lot of Spring/Summer time perfumes that I have found often smell too floral; leaving me feeling as though I have sprayed myself with air freshener – a smell that I would rather avoid. I have tried quite a few Spring perfumes and often found myself disappointed from the scent being too floral infested (smelling a bit like a florist) or very light and not long wearing, there never seemed to be the right balance for Spring/Summer perfume.

Until I stumbled across Versace Versense, which certainly does the job for me! It is very light yet long lasting, it immediately reminds me of a fresh Spring day – it really does smell like a bouquet of Spring flowers (without being overbearing), it is very fresh (you can smell the citrus undertones immediately after a spritz or two) and develops a deeper sensual smell after a few hours of wear time.  Versace Veresense is said to be inspired by nature and the senses (hence the name Versense), it seems a perfect transitional perfume from the Winter months to early Spring/Summer time with a light and wearable daytime scent.

A 100ml bottle of Versace Versense can be purchased from for £57.40 (with free delivery)


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