Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Very British Spring – Essential Accessories

...Imber Ymber...

Well seeing that the slight improvement in the weather was short lived, I thought it would only be fitting to make a suitable spring wardrobe essential post, that tailors around the spring rain showers we seem to be getting quite frequently lately (bo ho…better leave those spring/summer clothes at the back of the wardrobe yet)!

The lack of sun does not mean that you cannot dabble with those cute spring flowers here or there (instead of being on the grass they are the print on your scarf or blouse, I have not seen a single daffodil yet thus far). I have rummaged around and tried to create British-weather proof spring essentials that will still leave you feeling spring(ish) without shivering your knees off in the heavy winds...leave those strappy sandals and spring skirts for a warmer day (unless you are wearing them with thick tights)!


Always keep an umbrella in your bag, you never know when the temperamental weather turns sour! This beautiful Black Floral Print Umbrella has a frill trim detail all the way round (I love extra details) and looks very pretty and has a very cute black rose handle, the details are so beautiful and make it very feminine. It is currently on sale from River Island for £7!



Who can go wrong with a classic bowler hat? I am loving this dusty pink number so on trend with the pastel spring palette, it will keep your head covered in those downpours as well as adding a vintage laid-back feel to any daytime outfit. It is also available in black and burgundy  but my favourite for spring has to be this light pink which is again very feminine. It can be brought from H&M for £7.99!



River Island have created a very good alternative to those rain/overcast days which will leave your Wellies behind, I tend to avoid Wellies simply because unless at Glastonbury for me they are not practical for everyday-wear, instead ankle boots tend to be more favourable to wear in Spring being both comfortable and not leaving you feeling like you are still stuck in autumn/winter.  These Black High Shine Chelsea Boot Wellies are great for dressing up or down (as well as keeping your feet dry and not flooding ruining those beloved pastel ballet pump shoes that you looked forward to wearing all spring). Grab them from River Island for £20!



If you have hands like mine they tend to always remain cold (no matter what the weather), the current harsh wind does not help (especially when holding an umbrella, my hand tends to turn into a great numb bloodless piece of flesh). These cream studded leather gloves (I am a sucker for any clothing that is studded..,*cough cough Valentino-inspired cough cough*) are perfect for teaming up in spring. They are a far cry away from those thicker winter wolly numbers that are now firmly tucked away in my bottomless wardrobes. They are at a steal sale price for £14.50 (reduced from £35) from Asos, especially as they are leather and studded! 

This beautiful oriental print scarf is advertised to be green, although I think it is more of a light minty green/light aqua-ish pastel colour which is so pretty for spring. It again looks very feminine and can be teamed with your outfit to add a bit of spring sensuality and keep you warm at the same time. It can be brought from Acessorize for £12.



Not strictly an accessory as such although I feel this is an essential handbag item when out and about and had to feature it; it is simply a life saver if you have sensitive hands like mine. I currently have this Sanctuary hand cream in my handbag, it never fails and is a very friendly tiny travel size tube at 30ml for £3.00 available from Boots. It always moisturises my hands without being too heavy and greasy; leaves them smelling divine and soothes away the harsh effects of the coarse wind that dry out my hands, leaving me feeling more like I have dried prunes for hands!


Lets hope the British rain departs soon, enjoy your lazy Sunday!


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