Wednesday, 6 November 2013

DIY Storage Solutions

I am a sucker for anything that looks pretty and vintage...whilst sorting out my endless jewellery collection I needed some pretty boxes that would store the various masses. I wanted something that was unique and individual. So I decided to up cycle some existing containers that I had; a glossy box and *drumroll*… care to believe it  - an empty Ferrero Rocher container!

I used scrap pieces of wallpaper and stuck it onto the outer package of the Glossybox to give it a pretty French theme that co-ordinates well with my existing décor. For the Ferrero Rocher container I simply removed all the interior packaging and got rid of the logo (using a trusty nail varnish remover and a bit of rubbing using cotton wool and patience does the trick)! 

You can leave the clear acrylic container on its own (a bit like those much lusted after Muji containers oh so made famous by the Kardashians), or you can decorate it.  I chose to give it a bit of personality by again using a wallpaper print and washi tape.  This is the result below…*ta-da* I am simply becoming an expert now! XD

The 'Once Upon a Time' Ferrero Rocher Box:

In its former life this pretty necklace box was a Ferrero Rocher container, nifty huh?

Side view of my necklace box, I have used bits of wallpaper to decorate the sides and washi tape.

The 'Once Upon a Time' Glossybox:

Still messy on the inside...*meh*
Side view 

My upcycled Glossybox!

Who loves to upcycle? I am a convert!


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