Tuesday, 24 September 2013

DIY Nail Varnish Storage

My nail varnish collection has accumulated quite a bit recently; I only discovered how many bottles that I owned when I opened my drawer to my own disbelief...

"Some" of my collection o.O

With this in mind I thought it was only right that I had some “viewable” on a storage rack of somekind where my favourites and popular varnishes could be seen without rummaging  around through the mess. There are a quite a few storage solutions available online, although rather than paying a small fortune I thought I would make my own. By making my own I had the benefit of  customising for the size that I needed as well as the volume/quantity that I wanted to accommodate (as I am sure more will be added to the masses)! So one rainy weekend I decided to give it ago, and here are the results…


Quite impressive, right? Well gathering that I only used two medium sized shoe boxes and the fact that it did not cost me a thing I was quite happy with the outcome.  I simply glued one shoebox on top of the other and cut out strips from the lids to form shelves. To know the length and width of the shelves you simply need to measure the largest bottle of your nail varnish and tailor the measurements then according to it. I then covered the box with white paper to match my décor (besides white adds a great canvas for all the colours to pop out)! It is a great way to easily access what nail varnish you want to use with seeing the whole collection.

A better view of the bottom shelf


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